Dogs are pack animals. Your family is his pack. Leaving dogs at home all day on their own can make them anxious, stressed and develop bad habits (i.e. barking, chewing, digging and generally being destructive). Lack of physical and mental exercise are primary causes of misbehaviour and boredom. Walks break boredom, relieve loneliness, and reduce over energetic behaviours.
Socialisation with other people helps relieve separation anxiety, and your dog also needs regular social contact with other dogs. Having your dog walked, even if only a couple of times a week, will keep his social skills well oiled, and assist the overall wellbeing and happiness of your Best Friend.

Walks are conducted in a variety of different locations to ensure that each walk is exciting for your dog. As different dogs have different needs, there is a selection of exercise options for you to choose from. In summer, we visit the river on a daily basis for a quick swim to cool off.

Below is Dog Striders menu of exciting exercise options for you to choose from.

“Stroll & Sniff” around the dog’s own neighbourhood.

“Power Walk” anywhere with real energy.

“Fetch & Frolic” in a nearby park with a ball or frisbee.

“Jog & Trot” along the river walkways.

“Puppy Power” short duration with gentle socialisation.

In wet weather, I will ensure your dog is still walked. If your dog is not wearing his/her jacket they will be towel dried on their return home. If walking in wet weahter is not suitable you will need to let me know.

Walking Rates
15 mins - $12.00
30 mins - $20.00
45 mins - $25.00
60 mins - $30.00

Discounts may be negotiated when booking your dog(s) in for long term, 4 + walks a week.

Includes lots of treats during and at the end of each walk!!

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